Benefits of Interactive Metronome®

 Interactive Metronome® (IM) training is a powerful tool used to optimize mental processing in the brain.  Just like diet or exercise helps the entire body, IM impacts the entire brain.  IM impacts foundational mental processing resulting in gains in all aspects of life.  A teenager may participate in IM to improve focus but discover that social skills and emotional intelligence gains are significantly improved as well.  The aging adult may want to improve their memory and discover that they are sleeping better and driving with more confidence after IM training.  An eight year old may be challenged by an immature emotional system, crying or becoming angry at the drop of a pin. The parents choose IM to help their child with emotional regulation and discover the child's reading greatly improves too.  IM impacts the speed and accuracy of mental processing in general, which impacts everything your brain processes.  Your brain in involved in just about every aspect of your life: playing sports, making friends, enjoying a good book, remembering a song, loving a spouse, laughing at a joke, paying attention, finding happiness, being nice to others, dreaming, following directions, making decisions, analyzing problems, getting good grades, turning in your homework, sticking to a schedule, seeing, tasting, feeling, and so much more!  

 Optimize your brain and optimize your life!



Childhood Success

Attention and concentration, Focus

Reading and math

Sensory integration

Coordination, balance

Language processing

Aggression and impulsivity

PDD, ASD, OCD, LD, and Tourette's 

Peak Performance

Academic Performance

SAT/ACT scores/ Scholarships

Sports Performance

Physical accuracy/Ball placement

Game focus

Mental endurance

Musical and Theatrical excellence


Graceful Aging

Focus and attention


Driving accuracy

Better sleep

Improved balance

Anxiety relief

For the Adventure!