Peak Performance



Interactive Metronome is being used by many professional groups to enhance focus and motor control on the field. The better your internal clock, the better your external performance.  Athletes desire to remain 'in the zone' during play, tuning out distractions and performing at their peak. IM helps achieve superior focus so your head can 'be in the game.' 



Interactive Metronome was originally designed by a musician for musicians. Professional and amatuer musicians have reported gains in multitasking during conducting (left hand leading one part of the orchestra while right hand leads another), increased pitch awareness and control, and increased ability to visually read the notes faster and more accurately. Pianist have noticed improvement in their left hand keeping up with right hand on scales. Individuals are choosing IM to help them reach their fullest potential in the arts and to help secure college scholarships or admissions to the top institutions. 



Case studies have shown that IM helps the theater student understand and display the subtleties of their roles more efficiently. Students more fully engage in their roles and perform the underlying body language of the role with more detail and accuracy, making the performance more believable. Others have reported memorizing lines more easily and less anxiety while on stage. Still others have reported increased ability to see and display humor.  If you are interested in moving your arts performance to a higher level, Interactive Metronome may be the key.