Introduction to IM 

Tuesday,  Feb 20: 12 noon, 7p


Learn about disconnect and neuroplasticy. Understand the downfalls of today's response to children with challenges and how to respond differently. Hear stories from parents that have walked the challenging road and found answers. 


The Science behind IM

Tuesday, Feb29, 12 noon, 7p 


The presentation is not for the light hearted overview. In this presentation we will did deep into the research and the brain science behind synchronizing the brain. We will discuss brain processes and research. Great for other providers. 


Graceful Aging 101

Tue March 5: Noon, 7p


Some aspects of aging cause discomfort. Forgetting where you parked the car. Afraid of breaking a hip and losing mobility. Driving is becoming problematic. Learn how Interactive Metronome can help with mental as well as physical pitfalls of aging in our Graceful Aging 101 talk. 


Advanced IM Training

Upon Request


Your child is above the curve already, but you want a one up on the competition for scholarships and sports. IM is the program to ensure peak performance and mental processing. Learn about IM for everyone.


School Year Brain Training


Now  enrolling students for Brain Training  March - May class. Groups will meet 3 days and week for 7 weeks. 


Summer Camps


Now enrolling students for Brain Training Summer Camp 2017. Students will meet 5 days per week for 4 week. Choose from the June/July or the July/Aug class.