Adults may be bothered by memory issues, balance issues and word recall issues.  These areas can be targeted in IM training and improved. 


Linda had anxiety since childhood but a home invasion caused problematic psychological discomfort. Listen to how IM helped her resume a more typical life


Matt experienced some night terrors and anxiety after returning from his tour in Afghanistan. As a friend of the family, he entered IM training a bit resistant as the process seemed 'silly' to him, but ended up loving the process and gains. He wanted to give this interview before they moved to a new state, and he arrives with a 101 degree fever. Thank you, Matt, for going above and beyond!

Word Recall

As a retired librarian, Jane's word recall skills were important and highly valued in her life. In this short clip, she shares how IM training impacted her ability to retrieve words. Jane's favorite part of IM was the challenge. She loved seeing her scores improve on a daily basis. 

Driving Confidently Again

Craig came in to IM with no issues that he wanted improved necessarily. He simply desired to be at his own personal best. Yet the gains he saw were very typical of the gains seen in IM. We often feel less confident driving because our body-in-space awareness weakens as we age. Hear what he shares about how his body-in-space awareness improved and more.