It used to be like pulling teeth to get her to read, now she picks up a book and reads on her own!
It’s like the words are getting from the page to my brain faster
— 4th grade student

 IM improves mental processing for quick and accurate  transmission of information from the world to the brain and back out again. It's like updating the brain from an old flip phone to the latest Apple iPhone. You can receive messages with both systems, but one is much easier and clearer.



Topeka Lutheran School


The first school in which IM Focused set up stations and trained students in house was Topeka Lutheran in Topeka Kansas. Nine students participated in the IM program. Two of these students scored in the gifted range in reading even before IM training. Five students fell below average and two more in the average range, pre IM.  After IM training was completed, all students now fell in the average range or higher. The Test used was the Gray Oral Reading Test, a nationally standardized reading test well suited for pre and post testing to measure gains during interventions. Noteworthy is the fact that in just 5 weeks, every child gained at least one grade level, some nearly 3 grade levels. The groups average improvement was an astonishing 17% percentage points.  Below you can view the individual results:

TLS Gray Oral Reading Test.png

Timing in Child Development Study

A correlation study of 585 children in a public school district found significant correlations between IM score and academic performance in reading, mathematics, language, science, social studies, and study skills. This suggests that timing and rhythmicity play a foundational role in the cognitive processes underlying performance in these academic areas. The results were published by the High/Scope Foundation, a prestigious, non-profit educational research institution.

Academic Fluency Study

More than 700 students completed the IM program and were tested on the nationally standardized Woolcock-Johnson III pre and post sub-tests to measure effectiveness of 15 sessions of IM training. The results were as follows: 

Over 1.5 Year gain in Math Fluency

Over 2 Year gain in Reading Fluency

Over 2.5 year gain in Mental Processing Speed

Title I Academic Study

A controlled study of 80 fourth and fifth grade students in Title I schools found those who completed IM training showed significant improvements in reading and math fluency in just two months as compared to a control group that showed no improvement.  

Average Gain of 1.3 Grade in Math Fluency

Average Gain of 1.7 Grade in Reading Fluency

High School Academic Study

The largest public school in Florida conducted a controlled study of 360 ninth and tenth grade students to examine the correlation between improvements in student's timing and academic achievement. Post test results showed the IM training group scored significantly higher in broad reading and reading fluency as compared to the control group. Math calculation skills, math fluency and attention improved significantly as well.