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Timing is Everything

What role does timing play in the physical action of hitting a golf ball, the social interaction of telling a good joke, or the emotional connection of a mother cooing in response to her infant's first babbles? What role does timing play in the many challenges our children face? Does timing even matter?  Indeed, there is truth to the phase, "Timing is Everything."  At IM Focused, we understand that timing is often overlooked but foundational process in brain functioning.   A smooth and efficient brain works in concert with the body and the senses. Imagine an orchestra without a conductor. The instrumentalists are all following their own beat without a leader to show them songs pulse. Though each individual may be playing every note correctly, the sound in the room is chaotic. Once the conductor enters the room and begins directing with her baton, the instrumentalists begin to synchronize their sound. Beautiful music  fills the air!  Attention issues, reading challenge, emotional overload, or poor coordination all may indicate a brain that is out of sync.  The brain needs a conductor!  Interactive Metronome trains the conductor in the brain, synchronizing the sensory processes of the eyes, ears and kinesthetic system, creating harmony in the sensory processing of information. Have you ever wondered WHY your child behaves in such an out of sync way?  Maybe their brain can't see the conductor! 


How is IM different?

Today's most frequently used interventions address the symptoms, but seldom do they address the underlying challenge. Medication helps the student focus during the day, but  usually wears  off by evening, leaving the underlying issue still present. Teaching to the child's strengths  helps preserve the child's self esteem, but does not improve the underlying deficit area. Counseling helps student learn to accept and live with the challenge, but does not fix the underlying disconnect. Social skills training teaches step by step skills to those who do not  innately pick up the skills. IM strives to improve the brain's processing of sensory information so the student can innately pick up that missed information.  Interactive Metronome® targets the underlying immature or disconnected foundational processing challenges. Improved firing of neurons and neuronal networks produces the improved physical, mental, social, emotional and focus skills. IM is foundational!